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Dental Veneers

If your teeth are crooked, chipped or discolored and you’re embarrassed to smile dental veneers may be a perfect for you.

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Gum Treatment

The first signs of periodontal disease usually begin with gingivitis. The gums appear reddened, slightly swollen...

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a condition where a person stops breathing while sleeping for frequent short periods of time.

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Teeth Whitening

A white smile doesn't just reveal healthy teeth and gums, it also plays a significant role in how confident you feel.

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Root Canals

A root canal is an extensive treatment that is performed on a tooth that has become decayed or infected.

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Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums.

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abscess tooth

Tooth Abscess

Symptoms and causes Symptoms Signs and symptoms of a tooth abscess include: Severe, persistent, throbbing toothache that can radiate to the jawbone, neck or ear Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures Sensitivity to the pressure of chewing or biting Fever Swelling in your face or cheek Tender, swollen lymph nodes under your jaw or in […]

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Best Painkiller For A Toothache

Best Painkiller for Toothache Dental diseases are known to cause pain. At one point or another, you might suffer from a toothache. One sure thing is that the pain you experience is excruciating. Then the first thing you would definitely want to do is to get treatment as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are many […]

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Woman Toothache

How Painful are Tooth Extractions?

By Dr Kate E. Limardi, D.D.S. As dentist we are trained to save teeth whenever possible. In some instances a tooth cannot be saved and a tooth extraction is the best option.  These instances arises when decay extends deep under the gum,  the tooth is cracked, severe periodontal disease is present, or a tooth infection […]

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